Town Hall Meetings

The Preschool Initiative Consortium Incentive Grant (PI CIG) member states were asked to convene Town Hall meetings in year one of the grant. The purpose of the Town Hall meetings was to provide service providers and key stakeholders an opportunity to come together to not only share challenges and solutions, but to embark on a new or refined endeavor to coordinate and collaborate more strategically. The goal of these meetings is optimizing access to services for the migrant Pre-kindergarten (PK) students (three- to five-year-olds).

As a product of those meetings, new collaborations have been made among community agencies. Existing collaborations have also been strengthened and given a renewed focus. Specific strategies and goals have been identified for migrant PK students, parents, and service providers.

The following goals for continued coordination and collaboration were identified:

·         Increasing community collaborations among all agencies involved;

·         Working to provide high quality programming for PK students addressing specific gaps often faced by students in poverty; and

·         Increasing efforts to provide educational programs to help parents work effectively as their child’s first teacher to help in preparation efforts for PK readiness skills.

All participants noted the need for increased community collaboration, knowledge, and awareness of what other programs were offering. Often many agencies are working to serve the same group of students and working together is key to maximizing resources and meeting needs.

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