The PI participated in the Joint Consortium Incentive Grant Dissemination Event on September 18 - 20, 2018, in Clearwater, Florida. The Identification and Recruitment Rapid Response Consortium, the Graduation and Outcomes for Success for Out-of-School Youth Consortium, and the Preschool Initiative Consortium joined together to present three days of networking, new resources and materials, and best practices in migrant education. Listed below are the PI presentations.

The PI State Steering Team (SST) and the Technical Support Team (TST) met on September 19-20, 2017. Below are the materials presented at this event.

The PI participated in several workshops at the 2017 National Migrant Education Conference held in Orlando, Florida on April 30 - May 3, 2017.

Workshop Presentation Description: Consortium Incentive Grants (CIG) are offered by the Office of Migrant Education (OME) in order to promote interstate coordination between migrant education programs throughout the country. In this session, the four current CIG projects, GOSOSY (OSY), IRRC (ID&R), MiraCORE (reading), and PI (early childhood) convened a panel of participating state directors, coordinators, and/or service providers who will highlighted how membership in the consortia have enhanced and improved services and ID&R activities in their states. Jointly, the CIG projects offer and represented a wealth of creative solutions that address challenges every state migrant education program confronts.

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Workshop Presentation Description: Presenters shared materials and resources that are being developed/used by nine states involved in the PI Consortium. These materials were designed to enhance coordination and collaboration between the Migrant Education Program (MEP) and community/Local Education Agency (LEA) per-kindergarten (PK) service providers so that more migrant children receive high quality PK services.

Presenters highlighted:

  • Staff and parent surveys used to gather information about PK access issues;

  • State Preschool Initiative Town Hall meetings and outcomes; and

  • The Preschool Initiative "Essential Elements" document, a self-assessment rubric developed to evaluate and/or plan coordination and collaboration efforts.

Presentation evaluation

Workshop Presentation Description: The Preschool Initiative Consortium presented a panel discussion on the purpose, function, and outcomes of their member state Town Hall meetings. Each member state conducted at least one Town Hall meeting bringing together school and community organizations. Educators, health and welfare agencies, parents, and a wide variety of other key stakeholders were convened to participate in an informed conversation about their services, experiences, and/or needs. Meetings resulted in enhanced state plans for improved communication, coordination, and collaboration across associations in order to maximize efforts and PK services for migrant children and their families.

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