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Tools to strengthen parent engagement

The PI has developed two parent engagement modules designed to support the partnership between the preschool service provider and the parents of the preschool migrant children they serve. We invite you to use these materials to supplement family engagement activities and preschool instruction.

Click on the module images to download each full copy. Read through the materials before facilitating the activities and plan approximately 30 minutes for each parent activity. The modules are designed so that each segment may be used independently.

Developing Language and Literacy at Home

Developing Language and Literacy at Home

Developing Language and Literacy at Home

The language and literacy module is intended to provide parents with important information about language and literacy development. The parent activities may be added to a variety of parent event settings. Click the image on the right to download the training module.

working effectively with parents

Working Effectively with Parents

Working Effectively with Parents

This easy to use module provides practical information about how preschool educators and paraprofessionals can encourage parent engagement by creating an environment where all families feel welcome. Click the image on the left to download the training module.

family literacy


The national Migrant Education Program (MEP) School Readiness Consortium Incentive Grant group, the Preschool Initiative (PI), has created a training module for parents to encourage family literacy. Two PI member states, Florida and Pennsylvania adapted the materials for their respective states. - posted September 14, 2018

Preschool access parent Survey 

The PI created this parent/caregiver survey for local, regional, and/or state migrant programs to use to gather additional information about potential issues or barriers that prevent migrant families from accessing early learning programs and opportunities.

Note to MEP staff: Please complete this survey in collaboration with parents and families. 

Resources to Promote Parent Engagement

The resources listed were submitted by the PI member states. The rubric is a living document; additional resources will continue to be added. Note - This is not an endorsement or rating of any particular product. The information is intended only to share some of the resources being used.