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PI will focus on ways in which the MEP can support not only increased participation in structured PKs, but also promote promising approaches to training migrant educators and parents in strategies that demonstrate improved school readiness.

PI’s three-phase implementation will build capacity and knowledge responsibly and incrementally: Year 1 will be dedicated to identifying and selecting key priorities for improving preschool access, opportunities, and policies for migrant PK children. In Year 2, member states will field test a limited number of promising service delivery models and best practices, such as an iPad family literacy project, parent training modules, and meaningful partnerships with other PK providers.  PI states will receive strategic support to assist them with conducting field tests and reporting results. Members will be updated via routine PI and Expert Work Group (EWG) meetings and information posted on the Clearinghouse. In Year 3, members will select priority models and methods to share nationally and develop training modules, case studies, and materials that will assist other MEPs and organizations with replicating featured strategies.