Coordination & collaboration

The PI is pleased to present Essential Steps In Early Learning Coordination and Collaboration that Support Migrant Preschool Children. Adapted with permission from SOAR (, this is a very useful tool for assessing local, regional, and/or state level coordination and collaboration activities.

Town Hall Meetings

The Preschool Initiative Consortium Incentive Grant (PI CIG) member states were asked to convene Town Hall meetings in year one of the grant. The purpose of the Town Hall meetings was to provide service providers and key stakeholders an opportunity to come together to not only share challenges and solutions, but to embark on a new or refined endeavor to coordinate and collaborate more strategically. The goal of these meetings is optimizing access to services for the migrant Pre-kindergarten (PK) students (three- to five-year-olds). 

Preschool Access Staff Survey 

The Staff Survey was created by the PI CIG Coordination and Collaboration work group in response to many rich conversations about potential access issues that may exist for migrant families looking for preschool services for their children. The survey is intended to be used by local, regional and/or state MEPs as needed in order to gather more information. 

Preschool Access Staff Survey (Word document)

We are collecting feedback on the Preschool Access Staff Survey. Please complete this brief questionnaire. Preschool Access Staff Survey - Feedback Form