case studies


 In 2017 (year 3 of the consortium), each PI member state conducted a case study. The purpose of this activity was for each state to review a particular program problem related to serving the pre-kindergarten migrant student population; implement solutions and report the outcomes. An additional benefit of the project is the opportunity for states to continually reflect on one’s own practice as well as learn from others. In Year 3, each PI state submitted a case study. The case studies were designed for states to review and reflect on a particular migrant PK program issue, solution(s) and outcome(s). States presented changes to services; enhanced partnerships with other agencies; and, improved methods of data collection.

One of the most powerful measures of the impact of PI and the states’ ongoing efforts and diligence for improving school readiness is when the parents are engaged and become partners in their children’s education. The following statement from a parent in Oregon reflects that impact:

 Para mí y para mi hija es un beneficio enorme usar la guía de preparación y folletos informativos. Nos dan a saber cuáles son las cosas más esenciales para que nuestros hijos tengan un conocimiento de lo que van a empezar a aprender en el kínder. Es importante que nos den esta información ya que como padres tenemos herramientas para enseñar a nuestros hijos en casa y así tengas bases para estar más preparados. A mi hija le gustan mucho todas las herramientas que nos han dado y cada día se emociona más por hacer sus tareas en casa y siento que tiene más confianza y seguridad de hacer sus trabajos. Recomiendo mucho que sigan dando este tipo de apoyo porque como mamá puedo ayudar en casa a que mi hija vaya más preparada para comenzar una nueva etapa tan importante como lo es el kínder.

 English Translation -
For my daughter and me it is a huge benefit using the preparation and information handouts.
 They let us know what the most essential things are that our children need to know to be prepared to learn in kindergarten. It is important to give us this information because as parents, we now have tools to teach our children at home and thus have a base to be more prepared. My daughter likes all the tools that have been given to us very much and every day she gets more excited to do her homework and I feel that she has more confidence and security to do her work. I highly recommend that they continue to give this type of support because as a mother, I can help at home so that my daughter becomes better prepared to begin a new important phase that is kindergarten.

The case study each state conducted is listed below (links to the summary reports will be added in the coming months).